The Benefits Of Cleaning Your Sneakers


For the most part people clean their sneakers to keep them looking new and fresh. Although “stuntin on’em” is a very important factor, there are so many more benefits to keeping your sneakers clean. Cleaning your kicks prolongs the lifespan of your sneakers, saves you money, and keeps away bad sneaker odor.

Odds are you spent a lot of time, energy, and money copping your kicks so I’m sure you want to be able to rock them for as long as possible. The glue and materials in all sneakers break down over time, but dirt, grime, and stains can expedite the break down process. The more often you clean your sneakers the less of a chance the dirt has to interact with the glue and materials in your sneakers. And when it comes to stains, the faster you clean a stain the better. The longer you leave a stain on your sneakers the harder it is to clean because the stain begins to set into the sneaker’s materials.

Cleaning your sneakers also saves you a ton of cash. Instead of throwing away those kicks you have that you think are too dirty to wear and then buying a new pair, get them cleaned by an expert who can bring them back to life. What would you rather do? Spend $200+ on a new pair of kicks or $40 that will have your kicks looking like new again.

You know that horrible smell that comes from the inside of your kicks? That smell is caused by bacteria living inside of your sneakers. The sweat from your feet combined with how warm and cozy it is inside of your sneaker creates a breeding ground for bacteria. The only way to truly get rid of that smell (and not just cover it up) is to get rid of the bacteria. A professional sneaker cleaning gets rid of the bacteria that causes sneaker odor.