Within the sneaker community there is a ritual that occurs and because, for the most part, this ritual takes place during the weekend it has been deemed the Weekend Ritual. On the surface the “weekend ritual” is the day that sneaker enthusiasts gather one, a few, or maybe even all of their sneakers and begin to scrub away all of the dirt, grime, and scuffs that have accumulated over the past few wears. Raheem, founder of WEEKEND RITUAL, has taken part in this ritual since he was a teen and for him the ritual has become more than just cleaning sneakers. For Raheem the ritual is therapeutic, accomplishing, and a way to show love and care to something that he cherishes. Many times over, Raheem has cleaned his kicks and has fallen in love with them again and again. WEEKEND RITUAL sneaker cleaning service is Raheem’s way of making sure sneaker enthusiasts continue to fall in love with their sneaker collection.